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Dance Spirit Magazine

Dance Spirit covers all aspects of dance, and has a lot of good tips for dancers on topics such as audition info and competition. You know it's a good magazine when you even read and enjoy the ads... this is that kind of magazine for me!

From the publishers:
From ballet to hip hop, jazz to funk, if your passion is dance, you need Dance Spirit. You'll find columns and features by dancers, choreographers and instructors, from the general to the specialized, from expanding your creativity to mastering a step. Articles on fitness and safety help you keep your body in top condition, and fashion and makeup tips help you look good.

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Dance Studio listings for:
Fairfield, ME

Dance Connection
323 Ridge Rd, Fairfield, ME 04937
Phone: (207) 453-7025

TNT Dance Studio
386 Center Rd, Fairfield, ME 04937
Phone: (207) 453-2642

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